Let Me Take You Behind The Scenes in My “SPX Prediction Machine”…

In a recent post, the headline said “My S&P Target is 2800.” You are probably wondering how I got there. Well, I didn’t quite get to 2800, but round numbers are nice, and I got close enough that there’s a reasonable rationale for expecting the S&P to get there. The actual technical target range was a little lower.

Here’s how I got there…and why you should be prepared for the S&P to get to 2800 and know what to do when it does.

Three Blatant Lies The Fed Just Told You

I told you I’d get you the rest of my Fed meeting notes soon, and (unlike the Fed) I always try to say what I mean.

Most of the little tidbits I gleaned from the latest meeting minutes (go here if you missed my expose earlier this week) are prevarications, obfuscations, or bald-faced lies. Here are a few.

Lie #1: Equities rise and fall because of investor behavior.

Here’s what they said:

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