This “Football Controversy” Is About to Hurt Your Bank Account

This week, we saw an exciting signal change in the LAMPP, as our short-term indicator finally crossed over to red territory. I’ll have details on that for you below.

But first, there’s something we need to discuss…

I’ve been watching a big football-related problem on TV this weekend – but not the one you might think.

If you consume a lot of mainstream financial media, you’ve probably heard dozens of analysts talking about a magical place where trillions and trillions of dollars are stored just waiting to get into the stock market.

I’m talking about “the sidelines.”

We Saw the Fed’s “Major Announcement” Coming – Here’s What to Do Now

Despite the hype surrounding yesterday’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (the monetary policy arm of the Federal Reserve), the announcement that followed doesn’t change a thing.

That’s right, nothing. Neither the FOMC statement itself nor Fed Chair Janet Yellen told us anything that the Fed and its proxies hadn’t told us before.

But nevertheless, this is still groundbreaking stuff. It is the most important announcement since the Fed instituted outright QE in March 2009.

And as I have told you in past posts, it will have major implications for the markets and for your money. 

There is a lot here that is essential for you understand to protect your money and take advantage of this new policy.

And – fair warning – it’s not bullish.

Here’s what happened, and what you need to know…

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