Has Gold Bottomed? The Answer (And Profit Plays) Lies in This Detailed View

As I was preparing my weekly update on the price of gold and precious metals mining stocks on Monday, I noted some hints that the answer may finally be yes.

It may not be time to jump back in with both feet, but dipping a toe in the water now looks less risky and more promising than it has in many months.

Let me show you why I’m thinking that and provide you a suggestion on how to play it – without the risk of drowning, as so many gold miner investors have experienced over the past 7 years.

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More Treasury Paper Dumping by the Truckload. It Could Mean Only One Thing…

As if the widening Federal Budget deficits forecast by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) weren’t bad enough, the Monthly Treasury Statement for August released last week, revealed that things are even worse than even the CBO thought.

But are we surprised?

Heck no.

We have been tracking this disaster month after month, as we watch the US Treasury dump an ever growing supply of new paper on the market month after month

Now even the mainstream media is picking up the scent.

The normally restrained Bloomberg shouted it from the mountaintops in 45 point type:

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