This Chart Shows That Bankers Are More In LaLa Land Than 2000 Or 2007

You’ve seen all the headline news stories about the Fed changing its tone in recent weeks. The Fed is going to pause rate hikes. And it will think about slowing the pace of balance sheet “normalization,” if the market seems to need it. As you know, normalization is just a euphemism for shrinking its balance sheet and draining money from the banking system. And that is assuredly something frightful. The Fed is now doing its darndest to make it seem less so.

Along with the Fed suddenly singing soothing lullabies to the market we’ve all heard the sweet talk from the US Treasury about calling in the bankers and the PPT, all of whom cheerily profess to love you and caring about you and your investments. It’s all about feeling good.

Whether they were really manipulating the market or not, I would hope that you have no doubt that the manipulators were doing their best to manipulate you and your fellow investors over the past few weeks. But what about all those soothing words? Do they matter? Or is it true that money talks, and you know what walks?

Well here’s something for you to look at that should concern you. It suggests that bankers have all too quickly forgotten the lessons of the past, and that once again they have their heads up their… cloud servers.  Yeah, that’s it, cloud servers. 

I mean, you should see their behavior. In fact you will see it because I’m going to share a picture of it with you. I just found a little history that is very disturbing indeed in terms of what it teaches about the present.

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Here’s How To Name That Tune To Beat The Wall Street Bleat

The December market meltdown spooked the Fed enough so that it changed its tune about the balance sheet bloodletting being on autopilot. “Autopilot…autopilot…autopilot…”  had been the zombielike mantra whenever any financial infotainment reporters asked the Fed about it. Which was almost never to begin with. There was a kind of conspiracy of silence. No one wanted to awaken the sheep.

But in October, the pressure of that $50 billion per month in Fed balance sheet reductions started to cause pain. Since then, the mouthpieces of the Primary Dealer mob and a few buy side behemoths have regularly been trotted out to bleat about it to their breathless captured media crowd.

Before that, while I had been warning you about what would be coming for a year, the Wall Street media remained dead silent. Apparently they had been read their rights. As in, “Anything you say, can and will be used against you.”  

The dealers and a few sharp professional investors knew, but they didn’t want others to know, particularly clueless whale institutional investors who think that the economy and the trend of business drive stock prices.

Here’s What They, and You Knew, and Now Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Profit

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