Here’s How I Know The Fed Is Lying Through Its Teeth About Inflation

Confusion about inflation abounds in mainstream media reporting. That confusion is a result of the fact that mainstream economists and the Fed solely focus on narrowly defined, arbitrarily constructed measures of the prices of consumer goods only. If you only look in places where there’s little inflation, or use indexes that are not standardized to measure the same goods over time, you end up ignoring the things that are inflating, and understating the inflation that does exist in consumer prices.

The Fed is largely to blame for the confusion. It has targeted a 2% inflation rate. But it uses a benchmark, the core PCE, that is the most understated of inflation measures. It ignores actual housing prices and only includes personal consumption goods. To make matters worse, when an index component is rising faster than cheaper substitutes, the index formula reduces the weighting of the goods that are rising fastest.

The thing is, the Fed is perfectly aware that it’s underreporting inflation.

I’ve uncovered a smoking gun – well, anyway, a chart that proves they know the real numbers.

The question is – why the cover-up?

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Goodbye, Janet Yellen – Here’s How We’ll Deal with Your Bearish Legacy

Janet Yellen said “Goodbye” to us yesterday.

After studying her moves over the past 4 years, beginning as a harsh critic, I say to her now, “Goodbye Janet, it’s been good to know ya.”

Here’s what Yellen said at her press conference yesterday, and what she has said and done before that caused me to change my opinion. More importantly, here’s why it matters to you and your investments.

You need to understand this, and you need to take action to at least protect yourself, if not profit, from the course that Yellen has set. It is a course that will not be easily changed.

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