Q: What is Sure Money?

A: Sure Money is a twice-weekly free newsletter that shows individual investors how the Fed directly controls the markets via liquidity – and how you can track that money and profit every month.

Even to this day, market pundits and famous economists operate under a sort of mass hypnosis. They deny that the Fed and its partners at the world’s other major central banks actually rig the market to go up when they want. “Sure, there’s a correlation,” they say, “but correlation does not imply causation.”

Well, they are wrong. The Fed does rig the market. It does so in a direct process. And if you know where to look, you can accurately predict the direction of the stock market – up or down – every month.

Sure Money shows you how.

Q: Who is Lee Adler?

A: Lee Adler, the editor of Sure Money, is a seasoned market analyst and charting expert who worked the financial trenches for over 50 years, including a stint on Wall Street and the residential mortgage and real estate business. His knowledge of the Fed’s inner workings is second to none. For 17 years, he published his own charts and analysis in the well-regarded Wall Street Examiner and contributed to David Stockman’s Contra Corner.

 Lee’s investment research continues to be based on analysis of the intersection of central bank policy, liquidity, and cycles in the financial market, real estate. That’s why he’s correctly identified profitable trends and trend turning points in his work over the years. Now, he uses his formidable talents and experience to make profit and protective recommendations for his readers.

Q: Why is liquidity so important?

A: Liquidity controls the markets, and the Fed controls liquidity. It’s as simple as that.

Most investors are vaguely aware that the stock market as a whole seems to rise and fall on a sea of liquidity, which is just another word for “cash” or “money.” The Fed is the world’s most powerful creator of liquidity but exactly how that liquidity is created, and how it directly drives stock prices is still a mystery to even the best economic minds.

The Fed has promoted the image of a printing press in the basement, spitting out cash. When the Fed wants to increase liquidity to stimulate the economy and/or the markets, it just turns up the speed and more dollars spew forth. Conversely, when the economy is getting too “frothy”, it shuts down the press, hoovers up dollars from the street and shreds them.  The public senses that when the Fed does that, somehow it causes stock prices to rise and fall.

But there’s actually a critical “missing link” that most investors don’t realize exists.

The Fed does, in fact, create money out of thin air – just not the way we think. Click here to learn more.

Q: What is the LAMPP indicator and how do I use it to profit?

A: Lee’s proprietary indicator, LAMPP (Liquidity And Monetary Policy Profits) shows you where the Fed is sending its money over shorter and longer-term periods, and then generates a green “buy,” yellow “caution” or red “sell” signal based on that information.

At the start of every month in Sure Money, you’ll receive three signals: one short-term, one intermediate, and one long-term. These signals come from Lee’s LAMPP system, and they’ll tell you when long, short, or hedging strategies will be appropriate. In addition, you’ll receive regular, more specific profit recommendations to help you make the most of the signal.

Q: How often will I get Sure Money?

A: You’ll get an email from Lee twice a week.

To get each issue of Sure Money as soon as we publish it – absolutely free – just click here and enter your email address. We’ll email the latest from Lee directly to your inbox as soon as he publishes it. You’ll also get special reports we periodically send out to our most loyal readers and special discount offers for premium content. You can access past issues and special reports at our website (www.suremoneyinvestor.com).

Should you ever wish to discontinue your subscription, just click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email we send you. You’ll be removed from Sure Money immediately.

Q: What is Money Morning?

A: Money Morning is another publication of Money Map Press. Founded in 2006, this daily financial newsletter offers a wider scope of financial news and market analysis. You’ll get the analysis of dozens of brilliant contributors (including Lee) and special content sent directly to your inbox every morning – absolutely free.

More than 750,000 investors and traders around the world are members of Money Morning. Rewards include exclusive access to special content, tools, and resources, as well as money-saving offers on precious metals accounts, TradeStops’ proprietary technology, banking and brokerage accounts through EverBank, our own Money Morning loyalty rewards, and more. Visit moneymorning.com.

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