It’s Just Possible That I’ve Featured Your Burning Question Here…

The analytical work that I do for you deals with issues that may be at times complex, or may be difficult to grasp at first. That is simply because the mainstream media either doesn’t cover them, or covers them in a way that is misleading. They are presenting the views of Wall Street, and Wall Street’s goal is always to separate you from your money. So they either feed you a lot of meaningless stories or they outright mislead you, in order to get your money under their control. Once they do that, their skim begins.

Well, I want to help you understand enough about how the market really works so that you can manage your own investments successfully, and with a minimal investment of your own time. I’ll do the heavy lifting for you, and present critical information that will enable you to surely make your own decisions about managing your own money, or at least to ride herd over the people who do, so that they don’t squander it.

With those goals in mind, today I’m beginning a new feature here at Sure Money. I hope that it is one that you will enjoy, and will help you better understand the things you really need to know to first protect your capital, and second, to make it grow.

Starting today, I will respond to your comments and questions posted on Sure Money and Money Morning. Those comments, questions (and criticisms) help me to get my message to you in a way that’s clear and understandable. Your feedback tells me where I’m succeeding, and where I’m missing the boat. It helps me to be the best communicator I can be in helping to reach your investment goals.

The comments section on the website is open right now, so I hope you’ll ask me any questions I didn’t cover here. Fire away and you’ll likely see your name in an upcoming issue!

Here’s what you wanted to know

This January, We’re Finally Going to Get Our “Super Crash”

You, like me, may be a bear at heart. You probably joined Sure Money a long time before I got here. The guy whose place I took was a brilliant market strategist who was just a little early in my view. There is not a scintilla of doubt in my mind that his view will ultimately be proven resoundingly correct. Those of us of a bearish persuasion will make a lot of money over the next few years.

And it looks like we’re going to be able to start in January 2018 (and we should be prepared and at least partly positioned before that). Here’s why.