BREAKING: Treasury’s Latest Move and a LAMPP Update

Fed and Treasury actions this week will help to keep the Liquidity and Monetary Policy Profit indicator (LAMPP) from dropping into red territory this week. The long term LAMPP will remain Green, while the short to intermediate term LAMPPs will remain Yellow.

The Treasury has scheduled net new supply of just $5 billion in debt, an amount that the market typically absorbs easily.

Meanwhile the market gets its mid-month shot in the arm from the Fed’s regular monthly settlement of its purchases of MBS that it buys under forward contracts. These purchases replace the MBS that are paid down every month as mortgage borrowers regularly pay off mortgages each month. The Fed will settle purchases totaling $23.98 billion during the August 14-21 period.

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The Media Doesn’t Work For You: Here’s What They Aren’t Saying

When you read the economic news releases in the mainstream media, you probably wonder what the real story is behind the headlines. And if you don’t, you should.

All too often, sources like the Wall Street Journal, or CNBC, or any financial media outfit aren’t telling you the truth.

Sometimes the truth isn’t obvious because of the way the media reports the numbers, usually ignoring the actual raw data for the universally followed and seasonally adjusted (manipulated) data. That’s just one problem.

But there’s a bigger problem that causes facts to become twisted and headlines to become lies