I’m Happy to Respond to Your Negative Comments (And Even Give You A Gold Tip)

It has been 2 months since I last had a chance to respond to reader comments. This seems like a good time to pause and take the opportunity to do so again.  Keep them coming!

Today, since I’m in a contrarian mood, I thought I’d focus on ever-so-kindly replying to people who don’t see eye to eye with me…

I really enjoy these exchanges. They get my creative analytical juices flowing, and force me to consider alternative viewpoints which I may not have done initially.

In fact, the more rebuttals I write, the kinder I feel! Which is why I’ve decided to report a special gold opportunity today (continuing our prickly theme with an investment that is the very definition of contrarian right now).

More on that below (or you can skip my introduction and go straight here.)

But first, let’s jump into the ring with some of my most outspoken critics, the friendly commentariat on Sure Money and Money Morning.

Here’s How Europe’s Housing Bubble Could Kill Your Portfolio

I told you on Wednesday that, thanks to my experience in the real estate world, I have my eye on an impending housing bubble that you are almost certainly not watching right now.

But you should be… because it has very real implications for your money.

Thanks to central bank policies, housing bubbles are happening again today, not just in the US, but in Europe too. Europe matters to us, a lot. It matters because a steady flow of buy orders from European dealers, banks and investors is required to keep US stocks and bonds inflated. US markets would collapse without European buying.

That’s why I take a close look at the ECB’s monthly data on the European banking system. And what we see today in the just released data from January has scary implications.