You’re Out of The Market. Here’s What to Do Now.

So you’re out of the stock market.

Take all that money home. Enjoy it and let it hug you when everyone else is freaking out.

The End.


Lee Adler

7 Responses to “You’re Out of The Market. Here’s What to Do Now.”

  1. Rick Vanderham

    Watershed milestone article! I’m soooo going dong the market if the Monday morning gaps down. Just hold your nose and dong it…for a couple of weeks maybe. Then…I’ll be out and maybe reversing course.

  2. Lee, thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us, so much appreciated !
    I am 72 yrs old, and retired, without you I would be Lost !
    am I too late to short the spx ?
    thank you so much !
    I have a lot of faith in you, you are honest, and REALLY care about people !
    thanks again,

  3. Lee, I would like to thank you for your honesty. I look forward to reading your updates every week. Your explanation of what is influencing the market makes a lot of sense. I appreciate you taking the time to educate less experienced people in investing like me to protect from of the Wall Street insiders. Thanks again.
    All the best,

  4. Stephen J. “Steve” Osgood

    I’ve worked since I was 12 with a paper route, my handshake deals in the past we’re honored by me! Regrettably, I’ve been stung more than my fair share! Hopefully Lee Adler will tell us at least one more good deal, because my pot of gold is getting thin. Happy trails to you and yours.

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