Michael’s Latest Private Market Seminar

In this private lecture, released by special arrangement, Michael singlehandedly takes on the corruption of the Fed and Wall Street…explains why the current level of global debt is unsustainable…and shows investors what they need to do to stay safe and profit right now.

You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid “weapons of mass financial destruction”
  • What’s really going on in the high yield bond market
  • Why the Fed is lying through their teeth about inflation
  • What you need to put in your portfolio now (and what you should dump)
  • The four most dangerous banks
  • Where foreign markets are headed

51 Responses to “Michael’s Latest Private Market Seminar”

  1. It is refreshing to listen to someone discuss these topics with an open tone of common sense while including critical parameters that are so often ignored by the broader media outlets. I’m still baffled by how so many critical indicators can get so far out of whack, people experience the pain in their wallets and blindly accept this as the “new normal”. Political and financial leadership: lunacy or treason?

  2. Alex Avner Herzfeld

    Thanks for your enlightening talk. I and every other sensible person (I am immodest enough to consider myself as such) couldn’t agree more. But I have a terrible thought: what or who in the world is going to hamper the central bankers from pursuing their criminal play for “ever”, well, for much longer? After all they are accountable to nobody. And as long a people believe in them and their fabricated “money” out of thin air, the game can go on. We all know the story of the “emperors new clothes”. A child telling the truth made the whole cardhouse tumble. But what would have happened if people wouldn’t have listened to the boy? Or even shutting him up. The emperor could then go naked to this very day.

  3. I am reading your book…not enjoying it, because I agree with what you have written. Can you explain how it would be a disaster if the Government defaulted on only the bonds that were purchased by the Fed. Or the Fed forgave a portion of the Government bonds on is balance sheet. What am I missing. Government sells bonds to banks…take money and buys cell phones for deserving people not working. Banks sells bonds to Fed because Fed bids them to a point where bank says take them …give us more money than we gave the Government. Fed is sitting with a bond…Country in trouble…Fed simply says…ok to save the Country…we are willing to forgive some of the debt we purchased. There are more dollars in the economy but would that not lower the Government debt to a manageable level and what are the negative implications and or what am I missing

  4. Alex Avner Herzfeld

    They don’t even have to do that. They just can create twenty trillion and buy all the debt from the treasury, precisely as they bought the bad loans from the banks by their so called QE. It’s money, isn’t it? Or at least “money”.

  5. I am reading your book, can’t say I enjoy it, can say I agree with it. I know I am missing something on Fed Policy, but I always thought as a last ditch effort, what would happen if the Fed simply forgive a portion or all the Government debt it purchased from the banks and individuals

  6. Brian Kingsford Otto

    You presentation helps me shape my wealth protection plan – problem is the safe havens,food production for Asians embodies farming in this country and Asians are plowing their savings into our country and putting farm purchase out of reach. Waiting on the sideline carries risk of banking defaults and holding gold a liquidity problem in financial transactions so I sit in cash with fingers crossed waiting and hoping that the deflationary depression happens and the buying opportunity occurs before the Government or Banks destroy those funds. Just a small glimmer of ac
    tivity in the gold miners and lithium markets have added to the wealth store.

  7. LDJ III April 20, 2016 at 7:23 pm
    We are not playing with real money.
    The World Bank can hit reset and all debit is wiped out and we begin again at a new square one.
    What’s wrong with this thesis?
    Answer: It is called the New World Order with one world currency, manipulation par excellence- sic

  8. You didn’t finish your thought on the “Iran Deal”. What you did state about Syria, however was wrong. Obama didn’t mess Syria up because he didn’t do something right, he messed it up because that was what he wanted to do!

  9. Torreey N. Webb

    It is good to hear someone talking about the real world – the one drowning in debt, high inflation, high medical costs (remember when Bozo Obama promised that every family would save $2,500 per year on their medical insurance?), and high unemployment (not the phony 5% peddled by the Obama administration).

  10. Harry de Bruijn

    Nice work. Congratulations.. Year after year I was shouting at the top of my lungs, also to Money Morning that the gold- and silvermarkets were manipulated by criminals but nobody cared. I’m happy that you did it. But there are more in Wallstreet. HFT traders, hedgefunds and wellknown banks. Please find them.

  11. I downloaded what you offered, didn’t get to read it all at one time, and now can’t find it again. How do I download it again, please? This makes a lot of sense to me, and I’d like to share it. Thanks!

  12. Victor Jaime Pardo Gutierrez

    I’am following your comments over the border, because when USA sneeze, here in Mexico we must say ,,GOD, BLESS YOU,,,AND MEAN IT¡¡¡¡, otherwise we will catch that cold for sure….and the freeking point is that you have all the marbles, and we can only hope, for an Umbrella…..that we will get wet , no doubt, but thanks to your truthfully words, hope hurricanes to come will blow some of your actual Feds executives,,,Keep up this excellent job.

  13. Thanks for the great info, I’ve watched every video on you tube of Peter Schiff, Andy Hoffman, Jim Rickards, Mike Maloney, Robert Kyosaki, and I could go on and on and they all say the same thing that your saying. But I must say I like the way you put it out there, very well done and the only thing I wish I would have done different with my portfolio is buy more physical Gold, so I guess I better start buying more Gold and the only way I can do it is buy the 1 to 5 gram bars and an occasional Qtr oz Eagle or Maple leaf. I was in so much of a hurry to try and stack 1000 oz’s of silver that I put Gold aside, so I’m going to hold off on Silver for now with my 750 oz’s and start adding to my 4 oz’s of Gold and I don’t think it’s going down to the $1050.00 spot again and I’m a firm believer that this is the year that the SHTF day will be upon us so I better hurry and try to get 15 to 20 oz’s of Gold which will be a struggle on my wages, There is no doubt about it that Gold will be 2000 to 2,500 or possibly as high as 5000. Thanks to your video the way you presented it will make it easier to do now.

  14. ruth Ruth Rootenberg

    Thanks, Michael, for all the useful “down-to-earth” information.
    Keeping cash/money handy: There are reports of discontinuing use of $100 bills,
    when is this going to happen? (or, will it happen?) and there are also reports of
    a future “cashless society” – HOW can this happen? Are these reports worth believing?
    (I realize these questions are very “basic” – but should they be considered?)


  16. Thank you for bringing to our attention the need to have a multi dimensional view of this brand new environment where risks have grown up exponentially after 2008 ….we need to wake up and you gave us the reasons to take action !

  17. A true rebel with a cause and great insight. Michael I very much appreciate you calling a spade a spade. It is now May 1st and my portfolio has been over weighted in Gold shares since Feb. Should I take some off the table or enjoy the ride ? Thank you.

  18. China of course, we all are in an economic war, they did not to fight us like Isis or other past wars they took us down economically.
    It is painfully obvious that China has been trying to rule the world through economic destruction of the west.

  19. Thank you Michael for sharing the video. I learned a lot from it. I do not have a lot to invest but what l do have l wan’t to protect and do my best to insure it’s growth in an up stairs down stairs world today . Your common sense approach to the real world is well taken . Keep up the good work!

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