Here’s What the Latest Fed Resignation Means for Your Money

You may have heard the news that Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer has resigned, and you’re wondering so what? What does it mean to me and my investments?

Well, I’m no mainstream media pundit, but I have been tracking and writing about the Fed and its influence on the market for a very long time.

So let me give you my perspective on what this resignation does or doesn’t mean.

I’m a data guy, not a political expert. I view the world through the prism of what the data tells us about action and reaction, cause and effect, as it applies to monetary and fiscal policy and stock and bond market behavior. However, people make the decisions about those all-important actions, so to that extent, maybe personalities matter.

Here’s what Fischer’s resignation means for your money

The Storm Is on Its Way – Here’s How You and Your Portfolio Can Weather It

The LAMPP (Liquidity And Monetary Policy Profits) indicator is little changed this week. It’s barely on yellow, perched precariously on the razor’s edge of turning red.

But there is more than one storm headed our way that will knock our LAMPP into a bright, flashing crimson.

Not only do we have an excellent idea of how the Federal Reserve and the Treasury plan to impact the economy, but the hurricanes that are tearing through the country will have tremendous repercussions as well.

In fact, they could change everything.

Here’s what you need to know to protect your portfolio from the coming storms…

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