Foreign Banks’ Have a Greater Impact on This Bull Market Than You May Think

The Fed and the US Treasury are the 800 pound gorillas of the US stock and bond markets. Their actions have largely determined the direction of the markets for the past 15 years. 

That’s why I developed the LAMPP indicator to track their combined impact, and why it has worked so well. I expect it to continue to do so far into the future. It behooves us to pay attention to its message from week to week.

At times when the LAMPP is yellow, some of the dozens of other market liquidity indicators that I track may help us to understand whether to stop or go.

When the Fed is not controlling the market, something else is – and it’s probably not what you’re being told.

Here’s how to understand the impact of foreign banks, and what it means for you…

This One Word Could Protect Your Profits From Market Correction

On Monday, I told you about the true customers of the big media outlets – advertisers and other corporate clients.  And I told you that the news you read advances the interests of those customers, not yours. 

With that insight in mind, let’s dissect the jobs report from earlier this month.

The Wall Street Journal’s take left a lot to be desired, if you knew what to keep an eye out for. And what they did leave out pointed to a clear signal for any investor who wants to keep their capital.

Here’s where mainstream media showed their hand, what the numbers actually tell us, and exactly how you can protect your portfolio from their desires…

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