Toy Story: How Wall Street Tries to Play You for a Fool

Today, I have a toy story for you.

It isn’t a story about toys. Well, it is, but that part is tangential. This is a story about how Wall Street toys with you. And I use the term loosely. Because Wall Street is playing with your money. For the Street, it is a game. And their goal, just like the croupiers at Vegas casinos, is to keep you playing on the other side of their trades. Never forget. They are the dealers, and you are the mark.

So here’s a story that I noticed just the other day that shows just how Wall Street toys with your emotions to keep you in the game and skim you as it distributes its inventory, its “stock in trade,” to you.

They almost fooled me, too. But, fortunately, I have seen their games before, and that experience along with my computer program made me a little too smart for them.

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