Here’s How You Can Be Safe And Profit in This Bear Market

Note from Lee: I have been warning you for months that the stock and bond markets are unsafe. We can’t safely invest for the long term and need to focus on preserving our capital. But we can still make money from them!

There are always ways to profit from the market, regardless of their direction. You can set aside a small part of your capital to trade the market. I give few suggestions for such trades right here in Sure Money from time to time. But there are ways to harvest trading profits regularly. That’s exactly what several of my colleagues here at Money Map Press help you to do.

One of those folks is Tom Gentile.

I’ve been studying Tom’s work was particularly impressed with his Money Calendar. It provides opportunities for big trading profits using just small amounts of risk capital. I’m a bit in awe of the simplicity and genius behind the idea. Why didn’t I think of that!

I’m especially impressed with the years of work and commitment that Tom put into developing this amazingly easy to follow trading method.

The other day, I saw a post by Tom in Money Morning that tells a bit of the fascinating  story of how he came to develop the Money Calendar. I’ am reposting it for you here on Sure Money in case you missed it. I think it’s a great intro to one of the best ways for you to extract huge profits from the swings in individual stocks, regardless of market direction! That’s especially useful in the bear market environment that I have warned you about!

Now, here’s Tom’s piece. Enjoy!

The Outlook Is Bearish, But You Can Profit From The Big Swings Both Ways

You probably think that banking data is boring stuff. And it is, mostly. Except for one thing.

Hidden in that data are secrets about the amount of money available to drive stock and bond prices.

If you know where to look, that information can be extremely useful to you for making money in the stock and bond markets. Even more importantly today, it can help you to keep what you’ve made. I’ve been tracking this data for my readers for years. I know where to look, and I give that critical information to you in these pages whenever it’s relevant.

For instance, every week, the Fed issues a report on the total balance sheet of the US commercial banking system. It comes out just 9 days after the date covered by the statement. Not only does that make it timely, it’s chock full of useful information hidden among the hundreds of line items.

I ferret out those hidden gems for you.   

These gems don’t give us exact market timing, but they do help show us the context for the current market trends, and whether they’re likely to continue or not.

Click here to find out what a few of those gems are telling us now about how to mine profits and protect what you have already mined.

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