Ignore Turkey. Something Else Is Skewing the Markets Here

Stocks fell sharply on Wednesday – then they gained it all back, and even rose a little further, on Thursday.

Ostensibly, that was because the Turkey crisis deepened on Wednesday and was resolved on Thursday.

The market’s gyrations are enough to make your head spin.

And so are the changing stories.

But I don’t buy them.

Instead, I have a theory on what is actually driving these market movements, and I want to eshare it with you today…

Gold Is No “Safe Haven” In This Market – And It’s Only Getting Worse

The price of gold slumped to an 18-month low on Monday. With gold’s plunge garnering media attention lately, you are probably wondering whether gold has hit a bottom or whether it will continue to fall.

Fortunately, if you’ve been following along with my advice throughout the past year, you’ve been on the right side of the gold market.

So today, we’ll take a closer look at this bad news scenario…

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