Your Most Pressing “Super Crash” Questions Answered…

As you know, the Fed is actively pulling money out of the markets – the balloon has been officially pricked, and we are now beginning to witness the long slow unwind of an incipient bear market. I’ve been saying since last year that now is the time to withdraw from the markets and raise 60-70% cash (more or less depending on your circumstances) if you haven’t done so already.

We’ve been getting some very interesting comments lately (if there’s one subject that interests people as much as gold, it’s the End of the World As We Know It)… so I’d like to wind up our latest round of reader Q&A with some of your best crash-related thoughts. Read on to see yourself in print!

One of the Greatest Traders I Ever Knew – and The Gold Secret He Shared with Me

This weekend, I’d like to take a slightly nostalgic trip down Memory Lane, into the dark, swirling menacing pool that was the dawn of the Internet. OK, that sentence didn’t end up quite where I meant it to.

When I started my newsletter business in October of 2000, I decided to have a little fun with it on this new thing called the World Wide Web, aka “the internet.” If you, like me, are of a certain age, you remember well that we started every web address with the ubiquitous www.

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