Market Squalls Are a Warning To Prepare for Stormy Seas. Here’s How

I’m in the fourth day of my Transatlantic crossing to Europe and a Nor’easter has been chasing following our departure from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, right across the East River from Wall Street.

The storm is hot on our tail and due to catch up with us tomorrow. The skies have been dark; the seas choppy and threatening. But the big storm is yet to come.

No doubt, Queen Mary 2, a fortress of a ship designed especially for crossing the stormy seas of the North Atlantic, will handle the big waves just fine, as she always does. She’s built for this kind of thing.

Have you built a fortress ship to prepare for the stormy seas ahead for your portfolio? I hope so! You know how bearish I have been over the past year. If you have followed my advice you’ve gone mostly to cash.

And if you are of a mind to participate in the market’s wild swings, both down and up you may be trading a small portion of your portfolio –your risk capital – and following one of our trading gurus here at Money Map Press.

One of them, Chris Johnson, handled the market’s weakness over the past 2 months beautifully, closing 21 profitable options trading recommendations in a row.  Chris is a true quant who has developed a method to trade the market in both directions.  His readers have had the chance to see total gains of 975% in 41 trading days using this strategy.  Click here to learn more about his service.

Meanwhile, there’s more news from Federal Tax data published this week that will help you decide how you want to weather the storm ahead.
Click here to see what it is.

Your Role in The Wall Street Media Business Is Not What You Think

I am writing to you today from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, a few hundred miles off the coast of Newfoundland. I’m heading for London for a week, and ultimately to Nice, France, where I’m looking forward to spending the winter. It’s a beautiful, lively small city on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. I’m thinking of making my home there. This trip is for exploratory purposes.

As the ship rocked gently through the waves, as often happens in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke thinking about the market. Yes, I know. That’s not normal! I was wondering how the rest of the world viewed the selloff in the US markets on Monday. So I signed into the ship’s WIFI and checked my phone. The CNBC newswire read something like this:


The report predicted a strong open for US stocks.

I smirked and went back to sleep. The overnight markets are like Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So goes the pre-market futures trading much of the time.  

I checked in again when I woke up for the day and it was the same story. Big rally expected.  

Then I went downstairs to the Brittania dining room and enjoyed a nice breakfast. The food and service was delightful as always.  I highly recommend a Transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 for traveling to Europe if you have the time. 

I don’t have the time for pure leisure purposes. But I can bring my work along for the ride and I can still communicate regularly with our great publication team, and most importantly, with you.  It’s really a lot of fun!

Later, this morning, sometime after 10 AM I again logged into the ship’s satellite WIFI and checked the market. Lo and behold, up…

To find out what happened next, and what it means for your money, Oh wait