How To Invest and Protect Your Capital for the Long Term, But Trade For The Short Term

With the market gyrating wildly I thought it would be a good idea to remember the big picture. Back in September of 2017 I first told you to start gradually reducing your exposure to stocks with the goal of ultimately getting to 60-70% cash by January of 2018. As last year went on, the signs were getting more bearish and I suggested going to as much as 80% or even 100% cash by mid July.

Those warnings were a little early, but then the market started to break in October. From there we saw a huge plunge until Christmas Eve, and then the spectacular rally since then.

My mantra since the middle of last year has been to stay out of the market. Don’t chase it, and keep buying and rolling short term T-bills, because interest rates will go higher. The underlying trends of money destruction and massive US government debt issuance virtually assure that.

Has anything changed, and what should we do? Click here to find out.