Your Treasury-Fueled Windfall Ends Today – Here’s What to Do

There’s something very unique – and a bit sinister – about today, April 19.

Would you like to know what is fueling this stock market rally?

Since March 29, the Treasury has poured $114 billion of its cash hoard back into the market by paying down debt.

That windfall ends today… Thursday, April 19. From then on, Treasury supply will just keep building.

This is as good as it will be for stocks right now. And that means you have some actions to take before the end of the month

Here’s Your Guide to The Bear Market – Whether You Like It Or Not

Ever since I opined that the February downturn was actually the beginning of “the Big One,” or the next bear market, you’ve been firing back with opinions of your own.

Some of them have been right, some have been wrong in my opinion, but I’ve enjoyed reading all of them.

I promised you last weekend that I’d have another Q&A issue for you soon. So without further ado, here are some of the most provocative bear-focused comments I’ve gotten lately – and my sometimes snarky answers.

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