Here’s Your Chance to Pick The Next Toxic Stock Yourself…

Over the past 25 years, I’ve developed a reliable system that helps me spot failing companies and pick stocks that are going down. I watch for a series of telltale factors and market conditions that allow me to gauge the health of a company accurately and make profitable short recommendations for my readers. And in this detailed guide, I show you how to pick those toxic stocks yourself…with 9 signs that help you pick out a dying company ahead of time.

Now, you can put that knowledge to the test.

  • Have you spotted any companies lately that show these telltale signals?
  • Do you think any of them would make a great short candidate?
  • Why? What tipped you off?

I want to know what you’ve found…and if you’re really onto something, I’d like to include your recommendation in an upcoming issue of Sure Money.

What’s your top toxic stock? Comments are open below.

30 Responses to “Here’s Your Chance to Pick The Next Toxic Stock Yourself…”

  1. I don’t know that your would be interested in our National Airline, Air Canada, huge debts, financials full of red flags, buying back stock to support price, failing market, low CA $ making debt largely US$ harder to pay, capitalization of operating leases, foreign exchange losses.

  2. After speaking with a Prudential representative who sells annuities, I would buy long term dated puts on PRU. My question to the rep was what would happen to their income product if interest rates were to continue to fall say to .5% on the 10 year treasury. She almost froze up with the thought. They are paying out 5%+ on funds that are in the bond market. They will struggle alone with the banks if interest rates continue to fall as I think they will.

  3. John Coughlin

    I am probably off topic, but I have been wanting to ask you a question regarding non US investments such as the Australian ETF, EWA. In the eventuality of a complete collapse of the US dollar would this be a safe investment if bought through the NY Stock Exchange, or would it collapse as well. Thank you, I deeply appreciate your generous advice in so many ways.

  4. Amazon is real iffy. So is Tesla. The hubris at Netflix, Apple and Microsoft has been obvious for a long time now. Facebook needs a dose of reality. So do some of the consumer non-durables, even Clorox!

  5. I have been considering a put option play on the Russell 2000 (IWM). An idea tossed around on Fadt Money. Went up c S & P and will follow it down. Very inexpensive too. Of course timing everything.

  6. Interest rates to rise on 12/15/16 9:30am. so TBT to fall in price to continue to that date.

  7. Philippe Trempe

    I’m new to investing but I find it hard to take account of semmingly conflicting positions. I believe that the banking industry at large is at risk of creating a new cataclysm of some sort. I also believe that no control over that industry would put us at greater risk of cataclysm. The control of government is always with its non’entended consequences. It will probably bring other messures of control to fallow. I compare this to our tentative of “Justice System” with all its limits and pitfalls. Consequently would we choose to abolish our “Justice System”? No we have to constantly try to make it better. Government control on the economy is and will always be problematic and to be corrected again and again. But to me we need to be protected from human flaws in the Economic System and the Justice System. To me the complexity of “human nature” will always necessitate complex responses to control it excess and failure. Those controls will never be without its a onw excess and failure. Humanity makes giant progress and will continue to make greater one’s in the future. But there will always be excess and failure to correct. I’mean just saying… Phil (English is my second language so please excuse it)

  8. Samson Oil & Gas is about to be delisted from the NYSE so I believe it is going under, as are many Oil and Gas companies. Other similar company that will likely go bankrupt are Continental Resources, Marathon Resources, Chesapeake Energy, Bill Barrett, Northern Oil & Gas, and Whiting Petroleum. Per Dr Kent Moor he expect 31 more oil companies to go bankrupt over the next 6 months.

  9. My stinker is Sears (SHLD). Sears lack of appeal to most every age demo and its sloth like response to the changing dynamic of retail shopping has led to a continual erosion of profits from which, in my opinion, it cannot recover.

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