Shelter from These Storms in the Distance

In South Florida, we call the dog days of summer the “mean season,” as vicious thunderstorms move over the Everglades every afternoon and attack the east coast with lightning strikes and blinding downpours. We keep our fingers crossed that the storms won’t morph into hurricanes that can sweep the ocean over the land and cause catastrophic destruction.

After a period of intense hurricane activity in the early 2000s, it’s been ten years since we’ve been hit by any serious storms, and we are being told that strong El Nino conditions will likely protect us again this season. But we know that sooner or later our luck will run out, and we will be back in the eye of dangerous winds and storm surges. And, at least for a moment, we’ll wish we lived somewhere other than in paradise.

Stock market investors are experiencing similar feelings after a six-year hiatus from reality, courtesy of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Paradise is starting to give way to a very mean season…

The Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced its longest losing streak in four years, falling for seven trading days in a row. The Dow lost 1.79% on the week to close at 17,373.38 and has lost 1,000 points since its May 19 high of 18,312.39. The Dow is now down 2.52% on the year. Other indices are holding up better. The S&P 500 lost 1.25% to close at 2,077.57 and is now up 0.91% on the year, while the Nasdaq Composite Index lost 1.65% to close at 5,043.34 and is up 6.49% year to date.

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What You Need to Know About Last Night’s GOP Debate

The two presidential candidates getting the most attention right now are likely to implode before Christmas, given the current rate of revelations of their true characters and past conduct….

First is Hillary Clinton. A country that would seriously consider the presidential candidacy of Clinton – whom a rising mountain of irrefutable evidence shows to be a serial prevaricator and likely lawbreaker without any record of achievement other than having survived an epic public humiliation at the hands of her husband – is in serious trouble.

Equally troubling is the Republican Party’s current love affair with Donald Trump, a serial bankrupt whose flamboyance, bombast, and personal life resembles former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Right now Americans get to enjoy the public disarticulation of Clinton and “The Donald’s” public dressing-down of the political class – both are richly deserved.

But at the debate, it was the less flamboyant players who were the most interesting…

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