Before You “Buy the Dip,” Answer This One Question

Having experienced their first true stock market correction in four years – and the potential beginnings of a rebound in the three weeks since – investors are naturally asking whether now is a good time to buy stocks ahead of the Fed meeting this week.

You can see why it might be attractive to “buy the dip.”

After all, buyers of previous dips have been met with success, as the major stock indices have hit one new high after another since the financial crisis.

Plus, this “buy the dips” mentality has been reinforced by the financial media and Wall Street, which have cheered on the post-crisis rally with little attention to the reasons why stock prices have risen steadily over the last four years.

If you really want to buy stocks right now, I’ve got one question for you first.

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The Only Dollar Move That Matters Now

I hope by now you’ve had a chance to look through my Super Crash Report that I just published on Tuesday. There’s a lot in there that you’ll find valuable, including the clearest market forecast you can get your hands on right now.

But perhaps the most urgent information starts on page 8…

That’s where I go through each of the asset classes you may own now – tech stocks, international stocks, bonds, oil, gold, commodities, currencies – and pick out which ones are going to go up and which ones are vulnerable in the months ahead as the Super Crash unfolds. I’ve made this extremely clear for you, and I know you’ll find it valuable right away, as we continue to track the ups and downs that matter most to you.

Now I want to zero in on the one asset class that affects every other one.

I’m talking about the U.S. dollar.

Now you might think the dollar’s going to crash. That makes sense. The value of all paper currencies continues to be destroyed by central banks who are trying to reduce their mountains of debt. In the U.S., the Federal Reserve has piled on more than $4 trillion in quantitative easing since 2008.

But unlike other paper currencies, the dollar is in a unique position and is much more likely to get stronger.

In fact, the dollar’s been getting stronger and stronger since 2014.

And if the dollar moves up through its next resistance level, it would rock financial markets.

Let me show you how to get this right. Because everything depends on what happens to the dollar.

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