The Best Super Crash “Insurance” You Can Buy

People often ask me about the best way to buy gold. I’m going to show you this week exactly how I like to do it.

First, though, let’s review why it’s a very good idea to be buying gold in the first place. Right now… before the Super Crash.

Gold is key because it offers protection against both inflation and deflation. It is one of the few assets to do that. It’s insurance.

It’s surprising how few investors get this, because it’s really not complicated. I promise it will click for you today in five minutes, with my help. And then tomorrow you’ll see how I get my gold.

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How to Trade Macy’s Stock Today

We talked yesterday about the collapse of Macy’s Inc (NYSE:M) and the three “death blows” to the retail industry behind it.

But I didn’t talk to you about how to trade it.

So far the stock has lost 40% in four months. It’s trading near a three-year low and a PE of below 10.

What happens next? Is it going up based on the value of its real estate assets, the strength of its dividend or management, or clues from insider buying, and thus a bargain right now? Or is it going down, and therefore a candidate to short or buy puts on?

Here’s what I see.

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