Who’s Ready for the Fed to Chicken Out Tomorrow?

This week, the Federal Reserve is the most powerful market-moving group on the planet. Pretty scary.

For months everyone’s been certain the Fed would raise rates in December. They’re being dragged kicking-and-screaming into raising interest rates for the first time in nine years.

But after the market action Friday, all bets are off.

The high-yield credit market is officially in a Super Crash. It’s as bad as 2008-9. If you’re not invested, this means crazy opportunity ahead – I’m talking “buying a dollar for 10 cents” kind of opportunity. More on that very soon, right here.

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How ObamaCare Will Gut Muni Bonds (Especially in These 7 States)

There is a reason that adults are told to don their oxygen masks before assisting children in the event of an emergency on an airplane. If the most capable people are disabled, the weakest are unlikely to be able to help themselves.

The same adage applied to the U.S. economy when Barack Obama took office in January 2009. In the midst of the worst financial crisis in a century, it was imperative that everything be done to address the causes of that crisis and to strengthen the fabric of the economy to position it for sustainable economic growth. That wasn’t done. Instead, the president made a historic decision that will rank among the great policy errors of the 21st century. He decided to pursue his dream of universal healthcare.

It’s been an economic and political nightmare.

The result, as you might expect, is the infliction of enormous damage on the American economy and tens of millions of Americans whose medical care has been turned upside down in the name of providing another entitlement without asking anything in return of the recipients. ObamaCare has increased medical costs, deprived Americans of their chosen physicians and treatments, and contributed to a culture of dependency that has no place in a land of liberty.

And now, in 2016, it’s about to gut municipal bonds.

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