How to Profit from The Death of the News Industry (And What to Read Instead)

While the political world was turned upside down by the Trump ascendancy, the media world was exposed for its bias and intellectual vacuity. It has become obvious to an increasing number of Americans that the mainstream media has seen its best days.

Having spent three decades watching American corporations lie to investors with phony earnings reports and Wall Street analysts fabricate earnings estimates about these companies, I am shaking my head at the current debate over so-called “fake news.” Wall Street consists of nothing other than “fake news.” CNBC calls itself the leading financial news channel but it is a cartoon version of a television network that creates a false narrative about the markets that tries to get unsophisticated investors to pull the trigger on their day-trading accounts at precisely the worst possible time. The mainstream media disseminates fake news to support its various political and business agendas, all of which are designed to increase its bottom line. The advent of the Internet exposed this dirty little secret by introducing new competitors who are more blatant in their efforts to print whatever serves their financial interests without any pretense to the truth.

Everyone should now understand that the so-called “news” published by the mainstream media is the real “fake news.” If you want to know the truth about what is happening in financial markets or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you have to dig deep and look for the few independent sources that are willing to give it to you. You aren’t going to get it from mainstream sources because, bluntly, it doesn’t fit their agenda and doesn’t make them enough money.

Soon, there won’t be enough money for them anywhere…

Here’s how to profit from the demise of the news industry (and what to read instead)…

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The Trump Administration Won’t Help These Companies At All

The Trump stock market rally paused last week while bonds continued their post-election sell-off and the dollar its post-election rally.  All three major stock market indices lost a little ground with the Dow Jones Industrial Average ending the week at 19,843.41 after trying to hit the completely meaningless 20,000 mark (CNBC had the balloons and buttons ready and may well get to use them), the S&P 500 closing at 2,258.07 and the Nasdaq Composite Index finishing at 5,437.16.   In contrast, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury ended the week at 2.6% and the US Dollar Index (DXY) traded as high as 103.56 on Thursday before ending the week at 102.81.  Higher yields and a stronger dollar are serious headwinds for US corporate earnings and there is little sign that they will reverse direction any time soon.

Moreover, Trump’s proposed corporate tax cuts may not help as many businesses as people think.

I told you last week that I’d be cherrypicking some long plays during the Trump rally, since it makes no sense to throw perfectly good money down the drain. Today, I want to show you the flip side of the coin.

Here’s why Trump may be bad news for these companies – and how you can profit.

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