Opportunity Reports

Super Crash Report: Your Guide to the $200 Trillion Credit Collapse

This is your complete guide to the $200 trillion credit collapse. And it couldn’t be more urgent that you read it. You’ll get my timeline for the crash, how bad it could potentially get, the five “inevitabilities” shaping it… and most importantly, a complete review of the investments you may be holding right now: equities, bonds, oil, gold, commodities, currencies – which are going up and what’s going down and why. Read this and make a few key adjustments to your portfolio ahead of time. Just click here to receive the report immediately – and to sign up for Sure Money.

This “Cult” Tech Short Is Setting Up 872% Gains

Michael Lewitt’s new “short target” could rock the investment world. His latest research has revealed that one of the most talked-about, heavily-traded tech stocks is about to collapse. The company is featured in the news every single day – much of it misleading – and it’s very possible you own it. But if you look beneath the hype, you’ll find phony financial statements, heavy hedge fund ownership, a mesmerized financial media, and a grossly overvalued stock. On a financial basis, this company is a ticking time bomb. And if you play it the right way – and get in at the right time – you’ll be able to make at least a three-digit payday. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money.

Michael’s 2016 Gold Playbook: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Gold

2016’s market instability may signal the beginning of a $200 trillion Super Crash, and investors need to be ready. Learn why gold serves as the ultimate “Super Crash Insurance”… how it can protect you from both inflation and deflation…and which gold dealers, miners and ETFs you should invest in today, before spot prices skyrocket. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money.

How to Profit from the Rising Dollar Right Now

In this volatile market, everything depends on what happens to the U.S. dollar. Now that the dollar has broken through its next key resistance level, it’s set to rock financial markets. In this special report, Michael shows you where the dollar is headed in 2016…the one key indicator you should watch…and how you can profit from the strong dollar right now. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money

The One Bank That Could Blow Up The World

The world can’t sustain this crushing level of debt for much longer. But there’s one bank that could set off a global Super Crash all on its own. Thanks to derivatives contracts, the instrument Warren Buffett called “financial weapons of mass destruction,” this single bank carries the highest systemic risk of any financial institution in the world – and it’s about to explode. In this special report, learn why derivatives matter to individual investors…how this bank could hurt you….and what you can do to protect yourself. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money

The Toxic Stock Strategy: How to Spot Them, Play Them and Profit

Over the past 25 years, I’ve developed a reliable system that helps me pick stocks that are going down. I watch for a series of telltale factors and market conditions that allow me to gauge the health of a company accurately and make profitable short recommendations for my readers. In this report, I want to give you the tools to do what I do. Here’s my detailed guide on how to spot toxic stocks, how to avoid them, and of course, how to play them and make a sizeable profit. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money.

The Six People Who Destroyed Bonds As An Investment Class

In this members-only report, I’m going to name names. I’ll show you the three people whose incompetence helped bring on the crash of 2008 – and then afterwards, three more who doubled down on failed crisis-era policies and have brought us even closer to the brink of a Super Crash. I’ll expose the culprits and tell you exactly who’s responsible for the mess we’re in right now. I’ll explain exactly how they’ve destroyed the value of government bonds – and what you should buy instead to keep your cash as safe as possible. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money.

How to Play The Massive Global Debt Market – And Win

Right now, the world is literally borrowing itself to death. We are crushed by unsustainable debt on all fronts – corporate, national and global – and Wall Street and the mainstream financial press ignore or dismiss it outright. Here’s everything you need to know about the real scope of the global debt crisis…how bad it is…what you should avoid…and the surprising way you can profit. Click here to read now, and to sign up for Sure Money.

My Favorite Diamond Play for the Super Crash

Diamonds are a portable and intrinsically valuable way to protect your wealth, which makes them a great “security” play for the Super Crash. We know they’re valuable – but the trouble is the lack of consensus on what exactly that value is. They’re more complicated than gold, with few widely accepted benchmarks, no spot price and no standardized exchange. Until very recently, that is. Diamonds just got much easier to buy – and for the first time, there’s a standardized, regulated place to do it. Click here to get the full report (with recommendations for both accredited and unaccredited investors), and to sign up for Sure Money.

My Super Crash Manifesto

In this helpful “quick start” guide, Michael has distilled his “Super Crash” philosophy and his most important reports and profit recommendations into an invaluable overview. Find out what the $200 trillion credit crisis means to you, which asset classes you should avoid, and what you should buy instead. Enter you email to learn more. Click here to get the full report – and to sign up for Sure Money.

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