Opportunity Reports

Below, you’ll be able to read all Michael’s latest special market reports – showing you what’s going up, what’s going down and how to profit. First of all, you’ll get his shorter-term Bull Market Outlook, showing you how to profit during the temporary rally in 2017. Then you can dig deeper to get his longer-term, bearish forecast over the next few years – including the long-range predictions and bear market framework in his Super Crash Report. Keep reading to learn more about profit opportunities in specific sectors – both on the long and on the short side.

Shorter-term bull market outlook:

Make the Most of 2017’s Raging (Short-Term) Bull Market

Even before Donald Trump surprised the world and won the U.S. presidency, stocks were on an epic run that began in March 2009 at the depths of the Great Financial Crisis. The trouble is…this rally isn’t supported by fundamentals at all. So why are we in bull city, and how long will it last? In this report, Michael shows you the powerful forces that pushed us into a shorter-term bull market…analyzes what Trump’s presidency will mean for stocks within this bull market framework…and includes his full 2017 forecast, with specific recommendations for how to profit on both the long and the short side this year. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money. Just click here to receive the report immediately – and to sign up for Sure Money.

Long-term crash philosophy:

Super Crash Report: Your Guide to the $200 Trillion Credit Collapse

This is your complete guide to the $200 trillion credit collapse. And it couldn’t be more urgent that you read it. You’ll get my timeline for the crash, how bad it could potentially get, the five “inevitabilities” shaping it… and most importantly, a complete review of the investments you may be holding right now: equities, bonds, oil, gold, commodities, currencies – which are going up and what’s going down and why. Read this and make a few key adjustments to your portfolio ahead of time. Just click here to receive the report immediately – and to sign up for Sure Money.

Long opportunities:

Michael’s 2017 Gold Playbook: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Gold

2016’s market instability may signal the beginning of a $200 trillion Super Crash, and investors need to be ready. Learn why gold serves as the ultimate “Super Crash Insurance”… how it can protect you from both inflation and deflation…and which gold dealers, miners and ETFs you should invest in today, before spot prices skyrocket. Click here to learn more, and to sign up for Sure Money.

My Favorite Diamond Play for the Super Crash

Diamonds are a portable and intrinsically valuable way to protect your wealth, which makes them a great “security” play for the Super Crash. We know they’re valuable – but the trouble is the lack of consensus on what exactly that value is. They’re more complicated than gold, with few widely accepted benchmarks, no spot price and no standardized exchange. Until very recently, that is. Diamonds just got much easier to buy – and for the first time, there’s a standardized, regulated place to do it. Click here to get the full report (with recommendations for both accredited and unaccredited investors), and to sign up for Sure Money.

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