Here’s How Europe Will Help Crash U.S. Stock Markets This Fall

There’s something going on in Europe that you need to know about. It could directly impact your portfolio, not in a good way. And no one else is telling you about it. Here’s what you need to know to protect your assets, and profit on the short side.

Unlike Vegas, what happens in Europe doesn’t stay in Europe. In fact, European banks and investors play a huge role in US markets. This is nothing new.  After all, it was European investors who financed the exploration of the New World. French money helped finance the American Revolution. And so on.

While Europeans don’t play nearly as large a role in US markets as the Fed does, at the margin their participation is critical to the direction of the US Treasury market. And as the money used to purchase Treasuries passes into US dealer accounts it then has an impact on stock prices as well.

Bottom line: European money directly influences the bond market, and indirectly influences the stock market. And if they start pulling their cash out of our system…then what’s good for Europe could be very bad for the U.S.

In fact, it could help trigger a massive stock market crash this fall. Here’s how.

Get Ready for These Bearish Liquidity Trades Today

For now, the long term LAMPP is still a green light. But the intermediate LAMPP is yellow. Given the Fed’s recent statements that it is about to shrink its balance sheet, it won’t be long before both LAMPPs turn red. 

That means we’ll be looking at a number of bearish opportunities soon…

First, let me tell you why we’re seeing these green and yellow signals now – where the red is coming from – and then how to profit