My Favorite Diamond Play for the Super Crash

My grandfather was a jeweler. It should come as no surprise that I’ve always had a great love for gold and precious metals – gold and silver are a generational investment that’s especially easy to store, transfer and pass down from parent to child.

However, up till now I haven’t said much about precious stones – in particular, diamonds. That’s because – until very recently – there hasn’t been a really reliable way to trade them.

Diamonds are a portable and intrinsically valuable way to protect your wealth, which makes them a great “security” play for the Super Crash. We know they’re valuable – but the trouble is the lack of consensus on what exactly that value is. They’re more complicated than gold, with few widely accepted benchmarks, no spot price and no standardized exchange.

Until May of this year, that is…

Diamonds just got much easier to buy – and for the first time, there’s a standardized, regulated place to do it.

Here’s my favorite way to get them…

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This Is Like Rocket Fuel for One of My Favorite Short Plays

In an extraordinary week that saw Donald Trump anointed as the Republican nominee for president with a genuine chance at winning the November election, and Roger Ailes kicked out of FOX News for allegedly sexually harassing one of the women on which he built his conservative infotainment empire, we also witnessed a far darker event that has become all too ordinary: a mass shooting at a Munich shopping mall that killed nine and injured more than 16 innocent civilians, mostly teenagers.

Markets, of course, were unfazed by all of these signs of genuine upheaval in the political and media status quo as well as growing threats to public safety.

And frankly, until somebody launches a political attack that throws central bankers off their current course, it appears that little will dissuade investors from voting with their pocketbooks – and that is an extremely dangerous prospect because their pocketbooks are not using their heads.

If investors smartened up, they’d see these events for what they are…

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