The $2.1 trillion market selloff in August got a lot of people’s attention. Some investors panicked and sold everything. Others saw it as a great buying opportunity.

But almost nobody handled it the right way.

Let me be frank with you. This market instability is not going away. It’s been building for six years. This market can only end one way – with a “Super Crash.” It’s not just China that’s creating this next (much worse) selloff. It’s also the massive, $200 trillion global debt bubble that’s driving the world economy to its knees.


That’s why today I’m publishing – for the first time – my complete Super Crash Report. I truly believe this short report is the clearest and most important market forecast you can get your hands on right now – at any price. And you’re getting it free.

I urge you to look through it now.

Page 4 – You’ll see the five “inevitabilities” that make this Super Crash a certainty

Page 7 – I’ll share my forecast for the next few months, all of 2016, and the longer term. (If the S&P drops below this key level, all bets are off)

Page 8 – We’ll go through each of the asset classes you may own now – tech stocks, international stocks, bonds, oil, gold, commodities, currencies… I’ll pick out which ones are going to go up and which ones will fail. I’ve made this extremely clear for you, and I know you’ll find it valuable right away.

Of course, my commitment to you doesn’t stop there. With my twice-weekly Sure Money, you’ll get all my updates and advice you need to get through the next month… six months… and coming years.

That’s my firm commitment.

Because no one is better able steer you through the biggest Debt Supercycle in history… the destruction it’s causing in the global markets… and the potential havoc it will create in your savings.

After 25 years of managing money – big money – and working with the biggest names in the business, I’m uniquely qualified to give you my analysis… my recommendations… and my sincere friendship. It’s just my way of giving back to people who can appreciate what’s going on in the world – and are willing to take just a few simple steps to help themselves out. I hope you’re one of them.

So let’s get started. First, with the Super Crash Report, which you can read right now and share with your friends and neighbors. Then, in the next few days, you’ll get my first follow-up email – the one thing every investor must understand about the U.S. dollar.

We’ll navigate this Super Crash together… and handle it the right way.


Michael Lewitt
Global Credit Strategist

Super Crash Report

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