The Next AIG-Style Meltdown Began 24 Hours Ago

Yesterday a stock called “Glencore” had a very bad day and dropped 29%.

You may know the name. You may not.

I’d wager that by the end of this year, everyone will know the name Glencore. Just like they know the names “AIG,” “Lehman Brothers,” and “Bear Stearns.”

You see, what happened yesterday with Glencore is an eerie, picture-perfect replay of what happened in the AIG meltdown of 2008. And what happens next is going to rock the entire market.

I don’t tell you this to scare you, though it is scary. This is a major “market event.” I think it will get a Wikipedia page of its own (or several) when the dust settles. But we know from history that it always pays to get on the leading edge of a crisis and get your money “sure.” I’m here to show you how to do that and be in a good position to harness the upside from this event too.

Right now the Glencore event is still playing out, as I’ll show you (though the direction is clear to those of us who run in the credit markets). But one thing’s certain. It is going to have a near-immediate, hard-hitting effect on all the risk assets out there – just like AIG’s collapse did in 2008.

Feel free to forward this message to your family, neighbors, broker, money manager…

We all have to move quickly on this one…

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Oil Is Going to Fall by 50%… Again

We’ve talked about the massive Debt Supercycle and why it can only end in the market crash I’m now predicting. (If you want a refresher, download my “Super Crash Report.”)

But there’s one connection we haven’t made yet.

The same thing just happened in the energy market.

The 50% collapse in WTI crude oil spot prices over the second half of 2014 caught most investors by surprise. It wiped out billions of dollars of value from the accounts of investors who owned energy stocks and junk bonds. But if you knew the reality of the debt situation in energy, the outcome was clear as day.

This is one of the reasons my institutional and high net worth clients didn’t own a single energy stock or bond at that time. We’re going to be, of course – there’s a window approaching where we can make a killing in energy, and I’ll show you when – but 2014-2015 was not a good time to be long in a highly speculative and leveraged energy market.

And it’s about to happen again.

Today I want to show you exactly how debt crashed the energy market. It’s a story few investors understand, and it’ll really put this whole “Debt Supercycle” concept in sharp relief for you.

And then get ready. First thing next week you’ll get my immediate profit protection plays… the key indicator to tell when oil has hit bottom… and see how we could make 300% riding it back up.

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